The pensions regulator not only has power to fine employers who are not complying with Autoenrolment but also names and shames them . 
Are you comfortable that you have done everything you need to do and will not end up on the list? 
If you are in any doubt or if this is still on your too hard pile no matter how late get in touch to get the facts and see how we can help 
Or check out our blogs for more information 
• If you employ someone even if only yourself , or only part time, or only temporary you still have to do something about auto enrolment. 
• What you need to do depends on your circumstances 
• Everyone has to tell the pensions regulator what they have done 
• Most must communicate individually with their employees 
• Everyone has to keep records that the pensions regulator can ask to see 
• If the pensions regulator is not happy they can impose substantial fines including a £400 fixed penalty and a daily escalating penalty of between £50 and £10,000 per day 
• The pensions regulator prefers to educate and encourage employers to comply so it may not be too late to get them on side 
• Strict deadlines apply so act sooner rather than later 
Are you happy you have covered everything based on your circumstances at your staging date and subsequent changes ? 
Have you recently become an employer? 
Is there anything you are worried about? 
Set up your free, no obligation half an hour meeting with me, Elaine Tarver today by calling 01771 275 1336 or by emailing me at I will explain exactly what you need to do based on your particular circumstances. 
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